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Humanity is the most widespread race of the Warhammer world.


When the civilisation of the Old Ones fell, humans were still a new experiment. They were among the last creations of the Old Ones, and presumably the development of the human race was left incomplete, leaving it as a whole susceptible to the influences of Chaos.[1]

At the time of collapse of the warp gates, the ancestors of humans were living in the equatorial regions of the world. They existed in the most primal state, barely above the level of apes. Undeveloped culturally, the humans were the most vulnerable of the creations of the Old Ones to the Chaos dust which rained down on the world. The most far reaching effects were the acceleration of physical and cultural progress, and the shaping of the human mind.[1]

Unlike the elder races, humanity possessed a vigour and mental adaptability derived from Chaos. Humanity grew swiftly and strongly, in time surpassing the elder races.[1]

Human nations and groups

The Old World is primarily ruled by humans.[1]

The Southlands[1]

  • Araby, a loose collection of city states and desert nomads who owe allegiance to a Sultan.[1]
  • Nehekhara, the first great human civilization. The Nehekharans are credited with inventing writing and organized government. However they are now all undead.[1]
  • Strygos, a human civilization ruled by Strigoi vampires, which was destroyed long ago by a Waaagh! and centered on the city of Mourkain.[1]

Far North and Chaos Wastes.[1]

  • Warriors of Chaos - human members are typically Northmen and mainly belong to the Norse, Kurgan or Hung groups. However some, such as Archaon, were originally from other regions.[1]

The Far East also contains human nations.[1]

New World

  • There are reportedly primitive human tribes in western Naggaroth, which the Dark Elves hunt and enslave.[1]
  • Large amounts of humans from all over the world serve as slaves in Naggaroth.[1]
  • In previous editions, there was mention of a tribe of Amazons who lived in Lustria.[1]
  • One of the Slann Mage Priests reportedly uses captured lobotomized humans.[1]


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