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Impossible Fortress

The Impossible Fortress is the stronghold of Tzeentch at the heart of the Crystal Labyrinth in the Realm of Chaos. [1a]

Its appearance and reality depend on the beholder but it is in constant flux being somehow bound to the progress of the schemes of Tzeentch. Towers, spires, gateways windows and portals constantly appear, dissolve and reform but its shape is somehow bound to the current state of the schemes of its master. [1a]

The interior is no less confusing and only the Lords of Change can safely navigate its passages, even daemons can be overcome by its twisted horrors and many minions of the other Chaos Gods have been lost within just the first room. Should a mortal or immortal succumb to its warping nature they will reborn as a familiar to be gifted to a champion of the god in the world of mortals. [1a]


  • The Hidden Library. [1a]