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Lady Iselda, Keeper of the Tower of Wizardy in Aquitaine was a powerful Grail Damsel [1] who was instrumental in the defeat of the Red Duke upon his return to Bretonnia.

Iselda was a magician of considerable power. [1b]


As the only child of the Baron Artrange, she was sent to Altdorf as a child to study magic. [1b]

When she returned, she decided not to marry but to devote her life to magic and assisting the inhabitants of Aquitaine. She is the most powerful wizard in Aquitaine, and ranked as one of the advisers of Duke Gilon in his council. [1b]

As the Red Duke escaped his imprisonment after a thousand years of imprisonment, he sent the Banshee to raze the Tower of Wizardry and desecrate the holy lake near which it stood. Iselda was granted visions of dark enemies moving to attack the tower and sent her handmaidens to warn Duke Gilon of the threat even as the common folk of the area rallied to her defence. Many nearby Knights Errant also came to her aid and the Lady of the Lake sent dreams and omens to bring Questing Knights and Grail Knights to join the battle. The Banshee thus found her enemy well prepared and with a formidable force to match her own undead horde. [1a]

Iselda stood amongst a group of local bowmen, not wishing to abandon the commoners who had rallied to the Tower, but as the battle raged, they were cut down by the Banshee and her Carrion who had dispatched much of her force to prevent the various groups of knights from aiding the lady. As the last bowmen were slaughtered, Iselda tried to flee towards the knights but was cut down by the Banshee herself. [1a]

Iselda fought beside Gilon and Sir Richemont of Aquitaine to defeat the mighty Vampire Lord, alas she was killed by the fell Duke, but not before revealing that his life had been a lie, sending him fleeing from the ancient Grail Chapel of Galand...his son.

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Amber Amulet, Dispel Scroll, Favour, Hand Weapon. [1b]
  • Amber Amulet: This talisman of protection is charged with the power of the Lady of the Lake, allowing the wearer to regnerate wounds. [1b]
  • Dispel Magic Scroll: This scroll contains a powerful anti-magic formula. It may be used to dispel an enemy spell as it is being cast. [1b]
  • Favour: Iselda may grant her veil to a fortunate knight to grant him luck in battle. [1b]

Tower of Wizardry

Ancient building created by the High Elves on a ley line nexus, it was a potent source of magical power. [1a]


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