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Isharann are a caste of Idoneth Deepkin.[1]


Embailors are the members of this caste that train and tend the creatures of war.[5]

Soul Wardens


The Soulrenders are unusual amongst the Isharann, for they train in combat alongside the Akhelians. Armed with a hooked polearm known as a talúnhook, they are much more accustomed to acting at the forefront of battle, often seen alongside Namarti whilst their bond-beasts Rakerdarts, dart around at their feet, stabbing orey to ensure they cannot escape. Upon each Soulrender's helm, dangles a lurelight, a talisman that's strange glow attracts fallen souls from both allies and enemies, which can be used to reinvigorate fallen Idoneth. Once back in thrir undersea strongholds, the souls are transferred into chorilleums, ready to be seeded into newborn Namarti. [1a]


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With their cyfar compasses and dowserchimes, the Soulscryers can map the dark corners of a being’s soul as well as those of the mortal realms, marking them out as navigators and priests among the Idoneth. Whether their quest leads towards spirit-plunder or along new paths of the whirlways, the Soulscryers divine the way. In addition, the Soulscryers can single out a battlefield’s richest quarry, illuminating them as a prime target. In combat, they arm themselves with finger-claws made from razor-sharp Allopex teeth. They are also accompanied by Scryfish shoals, etherfish that help point the way and vigorously attack foes with the spikes jutting from their jaws. [2]


Isharann Tidecaster 01.png

The Tidecasters are a kind of Isharann that draw from the power of the Ocean that they inhabit against their foes. Conjuring the repressed anguish and grief from their fellow Idoneth into waves of crushing despair, black pits of hopelessness, and raging whirlpools of rage they leave their enemies washed away in sheer despair, ripe for their souls to be taken. [1a]