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Iskard Lustviper

Iskard Lustviper is a Champion of Slaanesh. [1a]

A cultist of the Dark Prince in the Old World, he was driven into the wilderness when his insectoid appearance was discovered. [1a]

Dwelling in the Chaos Wastes he found joy in warfare and gained further favour with his god. [1a]

Rewards of Slaanesh

He has been gifted with Bulging Eyes, Crossbreed: Fly, Daemonic Name: Ksy'Gzild'how, Hypnotic Gaze, Iron Hard Skin, magic, Multiple Arms, Musk. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 3rd Edition: Chaos Armour, Chaos Sword with the powers of Freeze and Slacken. [1a]