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Ivory Road

The Ivory Road is the continent crossing trade route between the Old World and Grand Cathay. [1]

It is also known as the Spice Trail and the Silver Road. [2]

The road begins (or ends) in the cities of the Empire, passes Karak Drazh along Death Pass, through the mountains and into the Dark Lands. It lies to the north of Mount Grimfang and then north-eat towards the Howling Wastes, past the standing stones known as the Sentinels. Part of the domain claimed by the Chaos Dwarfs, the Sentinels are close to the Black Fortress and the Daemons Stump. They serve as a trading post where caravans can restock with provisions, furs and even Rhinoxen. [1]

After this, the road then splits - the main route continuing east and a secondary road - the Spice Route heading south to Pigbarter. The Ivory Road itself moves past the Desolation of Azgoth. It runs alongside the River Ruin entering the lands controlled by Greasus Goldtooth where whilst the Ogres themselves seldom attack the caravans are often plagued by Gnoblars. [1]

Finally it enters the Mountains of Mourn and the vast mountains known as the Ancient Giant Holds - this is sparsely populated and one of the safest parts of the road. Descending, the road enters the Baleful Deserts in the north-east of Cathay. Even fewer creatures can be found here save for occasional Ogre pilgrims or strange black insects. Those within the caravan normally spend much of this last part of the journey sealed within as sickness, poison and mutation are a major threat in the desert. [1]


Vast caravans, sometimes trailing over a mile in length traverse the road - they must be heavily armed and defended as they face many enemies including Chaos Dwarfs, Giants, Orcs & Goblins and Skaven as well as beasts such as Giant Scorpions. Often entire Ogre tribes are recruited to guard them providing them with food, gold and decent fights. [1]

The Spice Route

After Pigbarter the route heads towards Ind, the land of a Thousand Gods past the monasteries of the Celestial Dragon Monks.[1]