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Baron Jaques de Beaumarchais was a shepherd who became a Bretonnian Lord and brother-in-law to the famed Agravain de Beau Quest. [1]

Jaques would become one of the three peasants to ever be granted knighthhood.


Jaques wore the blazon of a dragon on his coat of arms. [1d]


Unlike most peasants of Bretonnia, Jaques was a handsome and strong man, he had long drawn the attention of the Lady Isabelle of Beaumarchais. When his flock and village came under attack from Orcs Jaques took up arms and slaughtered the brutes, the peasants saw him as hero and Isabelle granted him knighthood for his deeds. Now a Knight Errant Jaques was called by Isabelle after the tragic news that her father had died in battle. [1a]

Isabelle's brother however, was also a knight errant and thus unable to succeed his late father. The noble lady saw this as a chance for Jaques to marry her and rule the lands of Beaumarchais and so she set a quest for both knights, whoever slew the ferocious Dragon, Drogo Le Mal would become Baron. [1a]

Jaques respected Agravain greatly, likewise Agravain saw that whilst Jaques was once a lowly peasant, he was brave and worthy of rulership. The two knights rode out to Drogo's lair and were beset by the massive beast, as Drogo atempted to breathe fire upon them, Agravain tore his lance through the beasts throat. Jaques then speared his lance directly into the monsters heart, felling the beast. Both knights insisted that it was the other who had dealt a mortal blow, too chivalrous and respectful of each other to claim the kill and the prize. [1b]

Jaques and his rival returned to Beaumarchais, where the Lady Isabelle used her rights to declare Jaques the winner to avoid a duel to the death over the issue. Agravain was honour bound to serve Jaques, but the new Baron Jaques declared that Agravain was free of bondship and could ride to Couronne, where the king was sure to reward such a valiant knight who had helped slay a Dragon! [1c]

Agravian however declared that he would serve the Lady and become a Questing Knight in search of the Grail. Following the two warriors investiture as full knights, Isabelle and Jaques were married. [1c]


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