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Captain Jeremiah Tusk is the renowned Pirate captain of the Lightning Tree. [1a]

A traveler, explorer, Pirate Lord, and sometime ally of Luka Silvaro who asked him to write down the story of his many voyages, but the old captain always refused to do so. [1a]

His cabin is a jumble of artifacts of his voyages with stuffed animals, books, pieces of bone, weapons, tribal masks and shields, mounted heads, and musical instruments all piled high. [1a]


A tall, slender man although as he grew old he had the hint of a stoop to his frame, walking with the aid of a narwhale’s spike as a cane and clad in a long black coat, calico trousers, and a shirt of white lace. His long hair was backswept and in later years as white as snow with a hefty hook - the tooth of a walrus in place of his right hand. [1a]


  • Manuel Honduro: Mixed race Master Mate. [1a]
  • Nicholas DeGrutti: A scholar from Tilea who had joined Tusk’s crew to study the wonders of nature that might be revealed by the Lightning Tree’s voyages. [1a]


He first plied his trade in the days when Ezra Banehand and Metto Matez were still scourging the seas.[1a]

Jeremiah had served as a privateer for lords of Estalia, Tilea, and Arabyan despots and opened new trade routes and had been the first man of the Old World to set foot on some shores. [1a]

Luka saved his life three times - at Sartosa, during a bar fight, off the coast of Luccini against the revenue men and when they fought corsairs off the point of the Black Gulf. [1a]

Near the end of his life, he sailed around the Horn of Araby as he had long pledged to do. He reached ports where merchants from Cathay sold goods from their land and Nippon including the potent drink sarkey [1a]

Returning to his old haunts he was about to set sail on his final voyage to find his Cross when he encountered Luka once more. He reminded him of his debt and asked him to sail with him in pursuit of the Demiurge. [1a]

Having recaptured the ship and driven off a great sea monster with the Bite of Daagon the rune-inscribed tooth of a Daagon, Jeremiah decided to continue onwards, considering his debt settled finally when he gave the tooth to Luka. [1b]

However as Luka fought against the Butcher Ship, he returned to the fight and took a boarding pike to the gut, having nearly bled out by the time his old ally found him. As he died, his great ship finally sank. [1c]


Let me look at you. Ah, the grey shows in your hair now, Luka. You’re getting long in the tooth like me. Truth is, I heard you were dead......I’ve been away. All the way south, around the Horn of Araby. Just as I said I would, one day.

~ Jeremiach to Luka Silvaro.[1a]


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