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Journey to Black Fire Pass

Journey to Black Fire Pass
Journey to Black Fire Pass cover.JPG
CoverĀ Artist Jake Masbruch
Released 2010
Pages 30

Journey to Black Fire Pass is a demo adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition)


  • Introduction: Planning the Journey
  • Episode One: The Journey
  • Appendix: NPC and PC stats

There are four ready to play characters: Dwarfs from Karak Azgaraz


It has been a fortnight since you left the safety of Karak Azgaraz in the search for your lost friend and brother, Belkrum Thundrik. This brave Dwarf and his companions disappeared whilst journeying to the distant hold of Karak Azul. They planned to present its king with a mighty shield to aid him in his battle against the despicable Orcs who subjected his kinsmen to all manner of atrocity. You have assured the Loremaster of Karak Azgaraz that you will find out what became of Belkrum and fulfil his mission by making sure King Kazador receives the shield