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K'daai Fireborn

K'daai Fireborn

The K'daai Fireborn are a monstrous combination of daemon and fire created by the Chaos Dwarf priests of Hashut. [1a]

Through the use of blood sacrifices to Hashut, the K'daai Fireborn can be summoned from the burning depths of the earth to be bound within sets of armor. In battle, the K'daai Fireborn are the shock troops of the Chaos Dwarfs. When not engaged in combat, they slumber in piles of metal and bronze, waiting to awaking and ambush the enemies of their masters. [1a]

Only the most powerful of the Sorcerer-Prophets of Hashut can forge such creatures and even then it is a arduous and costly process which means they are limited in number. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: Spite and Hellfire (Hand Weapon). May upgrade a Fireborn to be a Manburner. [1b]




Hear the summons of Hashut! The Dark Father calls you to slaughter, blood and fire exhorts you to war! Hear the summons of Hashut! Stretch your limbs of blood-oiled steel, The Dawi-Zharr march forth once more! Answering the summons of Hashut.

~ K'daai rituals of awakening. [2] [3]