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Entrance to the Shrine

Kadar-Helgad is a the site of a once important shrine to Grungni in the Vaults. [1a]

It was created on the lower slope of a three peaked mountain, just north of the Yetzin Valley. [1a]


In ancient times, the Dwarfs found a series of caves in the root of the mountain which amplified and held elemental power. Here they founded a shrine to the Lord of the Underearth which survived for thousands of years but pilgrims came less and less. [1a]

In the early 2400s IC, a horde led by Torgoch invaded the nearby valley and a few wounded Dwarf Warriors made it to the shrine to warn the priests. Although many relics and treasures were packed and sent away to safety, some were too large to tied to the shrine to be moved. The defenders of the shrine laid traps, a complex web of protection was woven around the lower Shrine and a powerful Elemental, Xhardja was summoned using the Crystal of Earth. It was given the task to protect or destroy the Crystal. [1a]

The summoning did not go completely to plan but the Innder Shrine remained hidden from the Orcs. Torgoch himself became obsessed with the Crystal of Fire but left a garrison to guard the complex, mainly goblins but also a small number of Ogre Mercenaries. [1b]

As time passed, a disagreement led to the Orc commander being eaten by the Ogres and the goblins retreated to the more confined areas where the Ogres could not get to them. Over the following decades, Kadar-Helgad became a small community, although young Ogres would venture out into the world in search of adventure and food other than goblins! [1b]

Korschner, a human sorcerer visited the shrine to investigate the earth-magic in the area and with a view to finishng some life-extending rituals he was creating. [1b]

When a Ogre Mercenary General Kartagg Horsebiter visited the shrine on the way to fight in the Border Princes he imitated what he had seen humans do by praying at the upper shrine, leaving a quantity of food as an offering. He later won a great victory and news of the shrine began to spread amongst Ogre mercenaries and often Kadar-Helegad hosts visits by them. [1b]


The natural cave system was extended first by the Dwarfs and later by the Ogres. Oringally well-mantained, there are now a variety of lichen and moss supporting a variety of insect life. [1d]

  • Entrance: a 20ft tall arch now partially covered by vines and usually guarded by a pair of Ogres. [1d]


Visitors range from a lone Ogre through mercenary captains and their warbands to two entire tribes gathering to celebrate a wedding! [1c]



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