Karak Angkul

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Karak Angkul is a Dwarf hold.[1a]


Warriors of the hold fought in the War of Vengeance, where Nimbrindil Ironfoot slew Lord Corirthar Swiftsword, and their artillery had maimed the great crimson dragon Malok at the Battle of Burned Blades.[1b]

King Glorin Throneginger crushed the devil-spider Togrildam with blows of his hammer. [1b]

As the empire of Sigmar was rising, the hold dispatched a force to prevent the Undead of Zahaak the Usurper from joining with Nagash. [1b]

King Uldrik Blackhand defeated the horde of the Orc Warlord Ghazagruff, the beast’s immense war-axe no match for his runeshield. [1b]

For many centuries it has suffered attacks from the skaven settlement of Bonestash, located some three miles beneath the hold. [1a]

Having lost three sons to his enemies, Logan Longblade sent his remaining son to be his ambassador in Karaz-a-Karak. [1b]

Discovering that Klarak Bronzehammer had invented a new metal, Ikit Claw assaulted the hold to claim as much of it as possible to use in creating a Doomsphere. A full scale assault was launched on the main hold and on the Smelthall, the latter led by Ikit himself, 112 Dwarfs dying in the ensuing battle and severely damaging the hall itself. Fortunately, the Runelord had been persuaded to inscribe a Master Rune of Unmaking on some of the metal and the Doomsphere was destroyed a it powered up, Ikit escapes but a new skaven army under Queek Headtaker arrives. That army rampages through the sixth and fifth Deeps, only stopped at the Ruby Gate on the 4th when the Dwarfs hold, but then Thanquol mistakenly summons Skarbrand who devastates both sides until he is finally banished by the sacred and massive stone axe of a statue of Valaya. [1]


The hold is divided into old mines or Deeps, with the upper deeps later converted and expanded with broad galleries, massive pillars and vast corridors. These are covered in depictions of the holds history. [1c] The Priestesses of Valaya can be found on the Second Deep. [1f]

  • Librarium: The Runesmiths keep their tomes of craftmanship and lore here. [1c]
  • Pastures: Exterior to the hold, these provide milk and cheese. [1c]
  • Ruby Gate: A important structure on the Fourth Deep, with massive statues of the Ancestor Gods. [1h]
  • Smelthall: Spans the Third and Fourth Deeps, it ceiling some two hundred feet above the granite floor, supported by bronze coated columns. Floor mosaics depict Smendir, whilst along the wall are the giant blast furnaces and in the centre the refining furnaces, a giant slagheap in one corner. Clockwork conveyor belts deposit ore and coke whilst huge copper pipes bring water, fresh air being supplied by steam driven fans as the tainted air is pushed out through vents. [1g]
  • Throne Room: Constructed around the royal throne, itself made from stone and silver ore and which had never been moved in the four thousand years of its existence. Legend foretold that if it was the Ancestor Gods would remove their favour the hold and it would be ruined. The ceiling is tiled and supported by massive pillars, whilst vast crystal mirrors focus light and warmth into the room. The ceiling tiles depict the great sagas of Grimnir, Grungni and Valaya whilst the walls show the history of the hold itself. [1b]
    • Trophies of war are displayed here: Several shield sized scales from Malok, the armour of Corirthar, the war-axe of Ghazagruff, the husk of Togrildam. [1b]
  • War-Room: At its centre is a massive granite table with a three-dimensional model of the hold, tiny iron statues are used to denote the positions of the hold's warriors.[1f]


  • Overguard: Watches over the First Deep and defends against surface threats. [1f]


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