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Khalida (Khemri)

Khalida was a woman of the desert tribes in ancient times who married King Alcadizzar, becoming Queen of Khemri [1a]


Tall, slender and dark haired, she had vivid green eyes and a deep, earthy voice. [1a] When not at court, she dressed simply, dark cotten robes and silk slippers with a desert headscarfaround her hair. [1d]


Khalida was the daughter of Tariq al-Nasrim and the niece of Ophiria, Daughter of the Sands. [1b]

With Alcadizzar she had two sons, Prince Asar and Prince Ubaid.[1c]


She was born in -1230 IC and named after Khalida Neferher, the famous Warrior Queen of Lybaras. [1a]

Following his victory at the Siege of Lahmia in -1200 IC, Alcadizzar was encamped on the Golden Plain where he hosted the other rulers as the tribes celebrated the renewel of their sacred oath. There he met and fell in love with Khalida, having had lively debates about the early campaigns of Settra well into the night until her brothers politely seperated them for propriety's sake. [1a] It had been Ophiria's suggestion she attend the gathering as she hoped that she would find a husband that loved books as much as she did. [1b]

Following their marriage she became Queen of Khemri and they ruled together, breaking with tradition in moving her throne to the same level as his and close enough that they could lightly touch hands as a symbol of their imperial peratnership. When he went on campaign, Khalida rode with him. [1c]

As the decades passed, Alcadizzar was forced to spend longer maintaining the alliance of cities, leaving Khalida to rule Khemri and their relationship grew strained. [1c] When word came of the invasion by the armies of Nagash in -1163 IC, her husband promised that they would do all the things they had promised they woud do including travelling to Cathay. [1d]

Weapons and Equipment

In battle she wore a heavy skirt of iron scales and a gold chased iron breastplate and used a horsemans bow. [1e]


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