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Khinerai Lifetakers.

Partially consumed by the Chaos God Slaanesh, even when rescued from his gullet, many of these aelf souls are permanently damaged and transformed by their torment and now the Khinerai are a race of twisted winged aelves, descending from the skies at the behest of their Shadow Queen, Morathi.[1]

Channelling the aelf souls into the magical cauldron Màthcoir, Morathi used it to create both the Melusai and the Khinerai.[4a] They are the combination of her blood magic, her desire for vengeance and the tainted and tormented souls she helped rescue - they are created only in the temple city of Hagg Nar and there they roost upon the great peaks of the Ashspires. [4b]

Temple Sects may be blessed with the presence of their winged sisters at each shade Solstice following the ritual of Gristead.[4b]


Armed with shadow magic-crafted barbed javelins, Heartrenders perform deadly hit and run attacks, their barbed weapons are powerful enough to fly through a mounted warrior and their steed and still embed themselves deep into the ground. Even as the weapon leaves their hands, the Heartrenders are already flying back up, new javelins materialising into their hands. Sometimes their blood-lust will draw them down to the ground for more conventional combat. They wear full-faced horned helmets, that distinguishes them from the Lifetakers, but like the Lifetakers wield Heartpiercer Shields with sharp, large spikes.[4b][2]

Their leaders are the Shrykes, each wearing a veiled helmet and a loincloth.[2]


Unlike their Heartrender sisters, the Lifetakers favour close combat, performing powerful charges from on high to rend opponents with their sickle-blades, whilst parrying any enemy counter-strokes with their heartpiercer shields, a weapon no less deadly than their sickles as they've mastered it's ability to puncture organs.Unlike the Heartrender they wear open-faced helmets, their bloodlust visible on their twisted sneers.[4b][3]

Their leaders are the Harridynn, noted for their metallic bangles holding their hair and a loincloth.[3]


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