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Knight-Azyros are the heralds of the Stormhosts arrival and the avenging angels of the Stormcast Eternals. They are called the spear's tip of Sigmar's Tempest, for where they appear, thunder and stormcasts will strike the ground around them. They play the role of ambassador as well as scout making them leading members of both Strike Chambers and Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers. [1][2]

They wield a glittering Starblade into battle, able to carve through the hardiest of foes. However their true power comes from the Celestial Beacon they wield, a lantern powered by the magics of heavens. This lantern radiates a searing light that damages any foes of the stormcasts, specially to those of Chaos which suffer a sea of torment far more painful than the agonies of the dark gods, gives a boon to their allies and allows Sigmar to see through their light and cast his divine bolts and stormcasts more easily. Their wings allows them to fly.[1][2]