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* [[Voltaran]] [[Knight-Vexillor]] of the [[Silverhands]] {{Fn|12a}}
* [[Voltaran]] [[Knight-Vexillor]] of the [[Silverhands]] {{Fn|12a}}
* [[Attaxes Darkbane]] [[Knight-Heraldor]] of the [[Silverhands]] {{Fn|12b}}
* [[Attaxes Darkbane]] [[Knight-Heraldor]] of the [[Silverhands]] {{Fn|12b}}
* [[Pharakis]] [[Lord-Celestant]] on Dracoth [[Zakanxar]] {{Fn|13a}} of the [[Merciless Host]] {{Fn|13b}}
* [[Pharakis]] [[Lord-Celestant]] on Dracoth [[Zakanxar]] {{Fn|13a}} of [[The Merciless Host]] {{Fn|13b}}
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A Liberator of the Knights Excelsior.

The Knights Excelsior are a Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals, wearing white and blue armour and blue shields. They march to battle surrounded by chains of lightning. "For the Glory of Sigmar!" is their motto.[1][6]

They are disciplined warrior with a martial philosophy that emphasises the regiment over the individual and a preference for tactics and doctrines that have been proven in combat over risky experiments. They are meticulous and will seek the utter annihilation of their foes. This also means they are trustworthy to a fault and they allow nothing to tarnish Sigmar's glory, no matter what the toll of war is.[6]


Early in the Age of Sigmar they besieged the skaven Parasite Engines that had been devastating the Scabrous Sprawl in the Realm of Ghyran. [9a]

According to Katalya Mourne, they were welcomed to the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia by the Shryke tribe at the Gate of the Gods Realmgate. They then drove the tribe from their homes and killed them all. [10b]






The Shryke tribe thought different. Their shamans said the gods sent you. They celebrated your coming. Then the white sky knights came. They called themselves the Excelsior. They answered the Shrykes' welcome with lightning and steel. They drove them from their homes around the Gate of the Gods. They killed them all. That is what you do - you kill.

~Katalya to Neave Blacktalon.[10b]