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Knights of the Everlasting Light

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A Banner of the Knights of Everlasting Light.

The Knights of the Everlasting Light (a.k.a. the Templars of Everlasting Light) are a Knightly Order in the Empire dedicated to Verena.


As Verena's faithful servants, they hold fairness and justice above all else. The examples include the defense of a plague-stricken village Hafbad, when all others have abandoned it, and forfeiting their own lives in order to defeat a Shaggoth Brarkoth in the Worlds Edge Mountains.

These noble deeds, however, are overshadowed by something much more sinister: their curse. Rumour has it that the Templars were cursed by an Arabyan deity, who was offended by their actions during one of the crusades. It may or may not be true, for the exact details are concealed in the Order's records. What is beyond doubt, however, are its devastating effects:

  • A disturbing number of Templars have fallen from their seats in the heat of battle;
  • Many more suffered equipment failures at crucial moments during battle;
  • As unlikely as it is, one of the members, Kurt von Tzalza, was struck through the eye slit in his helm, by a ricochet fired from behind him!
  • Sigismund Drak, the Order's Grandmaster had the "honour" of being dumped in the manure cart during a parade in Altdorf, the only cart in this city.
  • Even the earth itself seems to be unwilling to bear them, for their Chapterhouse was destroyed by a tremor, while countless knights have drowned in marshes formed the very minute their horses tread there.

Surprisingly, the Order never lacks for fresh recruits, as might be expected. Instead, the Order is very well-regarded, not least because of its infamous reputation, which has attracted many fame-seeker nobles.

Headquarters and Heraldry

  • Primary Chapterhouse: Altdorf (formally Ostermark)
  • Grandmaster: Sigismund Drak
  • Colours: Dark Blue and Gold
  • Symbols: Candle werathed in an aura of light

Famous members

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