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Lahmia is a ruined city in Nehekhara. It is located on the eastern side of the Worlds Edge Mountains and in the northern region of that area.[1a]

It is first mentioned as being conquered by King Rakhash and then Rakaph II. It was again re-conquered by Khetep along with the rest of the Nehekhara. The King of Lahmia, Lahmizzar, led the armies of the 7 cities against Nagash but was slain at Nagash's own hand. Eventually, Lahmizzash managed to defeat Nagash.[1b] It was also at this time that High Queen Khalida Neferher was slain by Neferata of Lahmia.[1x]

Lahmia became known as Cursed Lahmia after it was discovered that vampires resided there. Neferata was the first vampire and held her Lahmian Court where she created more vampires.[1x] Finally, Alcadizaar conquered Lahmia and it was razed to the ground as an infernal place. All of the population was enslaved and the city left for ruin.[1c]

The necropolises of the Tomb Kings.
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