Lahmia (city)

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Lahmia is a city in Nehekhara, the land of the Tomb Kings of Khemri. It is located on the eastern side of the Worlds Edge Mountains and in the northern region of that area.

It is first mentioned as being conquered by King Rakhash and then Rakaph II. It was again conquered by Khetep along with the rest of the Nehekhara. The King of Lahmia, Lahmizzar, led the armies of the 7 cities against Nagash but was slain at Nagash's own hand. Eventually, Lahmizzash threw out Nagash but it was also at this time that High Queen Khalida Neferher was slain by Neferata of Lahmia. Finally, Alcadizaar conquered Lahmia and it was razed to the ground as an infernal place. All of the population was enslaved and the city left for ruin.

Lahmia became known as Cursed Lahmia after it was discovered that vampires resided there. Neferata was the first vampire and held her Lahmian Court where she created more vampires.