Leonardo of Miragliano

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Leonardo of Miragliano

Leonardo of Miragliano was the famed genius and pioneering Tilean inventor and engineer who founded the College of Engineers, serving as its Chief Engineer. [2a]

Artistic Creations

He created a famous statue of Mathann in his home city. The god is portrayed in a chariot pulled by dolphins, surrounded by creatures of the sea and beautiful Naiads. It stands in a pool of seawater which through some ingenious mechanism laps against the statue in small waves. [3a]


He was an apprentice to the architect serving the Prince of Miragliano, Cosimo - inspecting the progress of the city rebuilding, Cosimo noticed the budding genius and put him in charge of the whole project. Years passed and the work was finally completed, with Leonardo designing whole new ingenious set of ramparts as part of the new defences. [2a]

His fame quickly spread and other princes of Tilea sought his aid as well as mercenary generals who often consult him with regard to field fortifications and siege works. [2a]

In 2011 (Imperial Calendar) a new temple to Myrmidia was built in Wurtbad and Leonardo was commissioned to paint the fresco ceiling, this would his last work before entering service with the Emperor. [1a]

He travelled to the war-torn Empire, finding employment with Prince Stephan Franz of Altdorf who wanted him to aid his ambitions to gain the Imperial throne and fight the undead. To that end he created the Imperial School of Engineers. [4a]

Leonardo's career as inventor ended suddenly when he was killed in an accident involving a heavier-than-air flying machine, its crash destroying part of the College itself when the alcohol-powered engine exploded. Many of the secrets of the Steam Tank's construction were lost along with its inventor. [2a]

Some also claimed that he had been assassinated by a rival of the Prince of Altdorf, that he had actually survived and departed or even that he had been killed by a Pigeon bomb when he mistakenly used a homing pigeon! [4a]


During his career he designed countless weapons and machines, most famously the ingenious Imperial Steam Tank. Although extremely powerful, they were and still are extremely dangerous to operate and Leonardo was seldom seen without bandages covering burns and scalds! [4a]

  • Anchor of Solidity: A steam-launch that sank within seconds of launch. [4a]
  • Syteam Tanks. [4a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Compass of Meteoric Silver, Prism of Power, Sphere of Alchemy, Sword, Warhorse. [2a]
  • Compass of Meteoric Silver: Points to the greatest concentration of magic. [2a]
  • Prism of Power: A glass prism that Leonardo can use to disrupt the winds of magic. [2a]
  • Sphere of Alchemy: Explosive powder enclosed in a bronze orb. [2a]


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