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Lileath is the Elven Goddess of Dreams and Fortune, also sometimes known as the Maiden. She is supposed to be the giver of dreams; those that have pleased her receive pleasurable dreams whereas those that have upset her receive nightmares. Lileath is portrayed as a gloriously beautiful Elf maid with white angelic wings, dressed in flowing garments of pure white gossamer and carrying the Staff of Lileath. Worship of Lileath is popular among the seers of the High Elves who claim to divine the future through the interpretation of dreams.

Lileath was reputed to have given three gifts to the elves, known as the Blessings of Lileath.1 These were: the Star Crown, said to give the wearer vision of all times and places known to the Gods; the Amulet of Sunfire, which burned so bright and pure no evil creature could stand its presence; and the Staff of Lileath, which grants its wielder terrific arcane might. The Star Crown was shattered into many shards during The Sundering, the Amulet of Sunfire was lost when its wearer fell into the sea after his ship was caught in a great storm, while the Moon Staff of Lileath is currently in the posession of Teclis.1


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