List of Dwarfs named vehicles

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This is a list of all named vehicles in the Dwarfs faction, split by class and type.


Name Faction Class Type Description
Azuldal Dwarfs Grubark Watercraft At the eve of the War of Vengeance, it transported Forek Grimbok as Ambassador to Ulthuan.
Grimnir's Thunder Dwarfs Grudgebreaker class battleship Watercraft The creation of Brokk Gunnarsson, he seeks vengeance on Tordrek Hackhart.
Grungni's Forge Dwarfs Ironclad Watercraft The creation of Brokk Gunnarsson, it was destroyed by Tordrek Hackhart.
Leatherhawk Dwarfs Aircraft Aircraft A large flying cargo vessel being constructed by Grandin Air-Talker.
Spirit of Grungni Dwarfs Airship Aircraft The creation of the famous Slayer and Master Engineer, Malakai Makaisson.
Steel Warrior Dwarfs Dwarf War Balloon Watercraft Commanded by Thumgrun Grunsonn, it was the flagship of a sqaudron that engaged an Orc Fleet
Voltsvagn Dwarfs River Steamer Watercraft A steamer created by Sven Hasselfriesian in Lustria