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List of Skaven units

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This is a list of all units in the Skaven faction. This list is divided into the following categories:

  • Unique standing for unique named characters and units.
  • Main standing for units available in the main game.


Image Unit Faction Type Unit Size Warhammer Armies Editions
  Deathmaster Snikch Skaven Lord 1 4th, 6th Edition
  Ghoritch Skaven Lord 1 6th Edition
  Ikit Claw Skaven General 1 4th Edition
  Nurglitch Skaven General or Lord and Hero 1 6th Edition
  Queek Headtaker Skaven General 1 4th Edition
  Skrolk Skaven General 1 4th Edition
  Skweel Gnawtooth Skaven General 1 Edition
  Deathmaster Snikch Skaven General 1 Edition
  Spinetail Skaven ' 1 8th Edition
  Thanquol Skaven General 1 4th Edition
  Throt Skaven Lord 1 4th, 6th Edition


Image Unit Faction Type Unit Size Warhammer Armies Editions
200px Aberration Skaven Rare 1-2 6th Edition
  Burrowing Behemoth Skaven Rare 1 6th Edition
  Cauldron of a Thousand Poxes Skaven ' 1 6th Edition
  Chimaerat Skaven Rare 1 6th Edition
  Clanrat or Warrior Clan Skaven ' 20-40 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th Edition
  Doom-Flayer Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Doomwheel Skaven ' 1 4th Edition
Eshin Sorceror Skaven ' 1 Edition
Eshin Triad Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Exalted Verminlord Skaven ' 1 Edition
200px Festering Chantor Skaven ' 1 6th Edition
  Flayerkin Skaven Special 5-20 6th Edition
  Giant Rat Skaven Core 1 6th Edition
  Grey Seer Skaven ' 1 2nd, 4th Edition
  Gutter Runner Skaven ' 5-10 3rd, 4th Edition
  Hell-Pit Abomination Skaven ' 1 Edition
200px Master Assassin Skaven ' 1 6th Edition
  Master Moulder Skaven Hero 1 6th Edition
  Night Runner Skaven ' 5-10 3rd Edition
  Packmaster or Beast Handler or Beastmaster Skaven ' 1 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition
  Plague Censer Bearer Skaven ' 1 2nd, 3rd Edition
  Plagueclaw Catapult Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Plague Furnace Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Plague Lord Skaven Lord 1 6th Edition
  Plague Monk Skaven ' 5-20 3rd, 4th Edition
  Plague Pontifex Skaven Lord 1 6th Edition
  Plague Priest Skaven ' 1 4th Edition
  Poisoned-Wind Globadier Skaven ' 1-3 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition
  Poisoned-Wind Mortar Skaven ' 1-3 8th Edition
  Rat Ogre Skaven Core 1 2nd, 6th Edition
  Ratling Gun Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Rat Rider Skaven Rare ' 6th Edition
200px Rat Spawn Skaven ' ' 6th Edition
  Rat Swarm Skaven Core 1 4th, 6th Edition
200px Rotten Rodent Skaven ' ' 6th Edition
  Screaming Bell Skaven ' 1 4th Edition
  Skaven Assassin Skaven ' 1 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition
  Skaven Chieftain Skaven Hero 1 4th, 6th Edition
  Skaven Warlord or Warlord General Skaven Lord 1 4th Edition
  Skavenslaves or Slaves Skaven ' 20-50 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition
  Stormfiend Skaven ' 10-20 8th Edition
  Stormvermin Skaven Core 10-20 3rd, 4th, 6th Edition
  Throtlings Skaven Core 1+ 6th Edition
  Trolls Skaven Rare 1-5 6th Edition
  Verminlord Skaven ' 1 4th Edition
  Warlock Engineer Skaven ' 1 4th Edition
  Warp-Grinder Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Warp-lightning Cannon Skaven ' 1 Edition
  Warplock Jezzail or Jezzailachis Skaven ' 1-4 3rd, 4th Edition
  Warpfire Thrower Skaven ' 1-3 or 1-4 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition
  Wolf Rat Skaven Core 5+ 6th Edition