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The Venerable Lord Kroak

Lord Kroak is a long-dead and mummified Slann.[1][2]


Lord Kroak is said to have been the first Slann that was spawned in the world, the most powerful of the First Spawning and the most revered of all the Relic Priests. An integral part of the Old Ones' Great Plan, his spirit stubbornly refused to leave this plane of existence, even after his body was slain by a score of Greater Daemons during the defence of Itza, the first temple-city. Plaques recording the history of the Slann relate that Lord Kroak was present at the birth of the world and therefore fated to be present at its end. Offerings and prayers are devoted to this venerable Slann, and all who look into his inlaid eyes can sense the power still residing there.Needs Citation