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Lore of Shadow

The Lore of Shadow is Magic derived from Ulgu, the Grey wind of magic. [1a][9a]

The magic of Ulgu moves across the ground like a roiling mist and is the most affected by the mortal winds that blow across the world and it can build into mighty clouds beneath the influence of storms. It is at its most potent in the still, dank fogs that bring a chill to the air and can hide anything in a cloak of shadow. [1a]

Some wizards report seeing figures moving in clouds of Ulgu, but no one has determined if they are real creatures living in the magical mists, or whether Ulgu itself playing tricks on them. Ulgu is also drawn to places where people are deceived or where objects are concealed and so for those with the Sight, traces of Ulgu are often signs of bad intentions. [1b]

Ulgu can be used to keep secrets hidden for whole towns, or even from an entire society. [1b]


Grey Order Wizards become more and more roguish in appearance as they grow in power and harder for mortals to recall their faces. [9a]


It is said that once a year, the Skaven conduct a great ritual in Skavenblight which uses Ulgu to cloak their existance from the people of the Empire. [1b]


  • Bewilder: Confuses a single victim. [1c][9a]
  • Black Horrors: A ghostly shade is conjured to haunt an area of shadow preventing it form being illuminated and scaring those within. [1c]
  • Bridge of Shadows: A group are transprted through the air in a swathe of shadows. [1c] [2a][11a]
  • Choking Shadows: Shadowy tendrils of Ulgu wrap tightly around an enemies throat. [1c]
  • Cloak Activity: May perform one action whilst appearing to do another. [9a]
  • Crown of Taidron: Sparling steel crown forms, sparking with bolts of energy which leap out at the casters foes. [11a]
  • Dance of Despair: A stringless fiddle is conjured that compels enemies to dance uncontrollably. [1c] [2a][11a]
  • Dark Steed: The caster is carried by an unseen force. [11a]
  • Deep Pockets: A single small object is deposited into a pocket dimension, making it weightless and invisible. [1c]
  • Doppelganger: Conjured Ulgu allows the caster to assume the likeness of another known humanoid creature. [1c] [9a]
  • Dread Aspect: The caster appears to a nightmarish creature. [9a]
  • Grand Illusion: Conjures a completely realistic illusion that becomes real to anyone who believes it. [1c]
  • Grey Wings: A flock of grey birds is summoned to teleport the caster or another of their choice. [1c][11a]
  • Horn of Andar: A piercing horn blast that boosts the morale of allies and scares enemies. [1c][11a]
  • Hush: A sound dampening aura of Ulgu. [1c]
  • Illusion: A web of intricate strands of Ulgu is conjured that creates an illusory image. [1c][9a]
  • Mindslip: Delicate threads of Ulgu bore into the target’s mind, causing all prior memory of the caster to vanish. [1c]
  • Mutable Visage: A single target has their appearance altered. [1c]
  • Mystifying Miasma: A swirling mass of mist that confounds the senses. [1c]
  • Pall of Darkness: A swirling area of darkness. [9a]
  • Pit of Tarnus: A dark pit opens in the ground, when the spell ends the pit closes and any victims inside are crushed and suffocated. [1c][11a]
  • Radiance of Ptolos: An group or individual glows with light so bright it is extremely hard to look at. [11a]
  • Ribauld’s Retroactive Illusion: The Wizard reaches far into the past and create an illusion that alters the present reality. [1c][2a]
  • Shadowcloak: The caster is wrapped in shadows, making them harder to spot. [9a]
  • Shadow Grove: The caster creates a area where all shadows are perceptible, even those cast by invisible creatures or aethyric manifestations. [1c]
  • Shadow Knives: Blades of Ulgu are thrown at the casters enemy. [9a]
  • Shadowsteed: The caster summons a tireless shadowy steed. [1c]
  • Shadowstep: A portal through the aethyr is created. [1c]
  • Shroud of Fog: A large area is blanketed with thick fog. [8a]
  • Shroud of Invisibility: The caster makes a single person invisible to mundane senses. [1c][9a]
  • Stormcall: A small storm descends on a group or individual. [11a]
  • Substance of Shadow: A single person is made both invisible and partially insubstantial. [1c]
  • Traitor of Tarn: A single enemy is compelled to switch allegiances. [1c][11a]
  • Universal Confusion: Bewilder spell on a larger scale. [9a]
  • Wandering Shadow: The caster can detach their shawdow, moving it independently and through which they can percieve. [1c]



Ulgu is the swindler’s wind. It tricks, obscures, and deceives. It is the wind of deception and illusion, but also the wind of secrets, of enigmas and mysteries. Ulgu has the power to disorient and confuse people, it can blur their vision and cloud their minds, it conceals objects and hides secrets.

~ Reiner Starke, Patriarch of the Order to a group of graduating apprentices, .[1a]