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Lustria is a land far to the west. It was the home to the Old Ones as it fit with their metabolism much better than anywhere else in the world. Here they prospered and built great cities, guiding the path of life throughout the rest of the land.

The Old Ones were not the only ones to arrive through the dimensional portal at the north pole. They also brought their slaves with them, the Slann. They are the current inhabitants of the steamy jungles of Lustria, served by their own slaves, Skinks and Saurus. It is unclear whether the Old Ones brought the Saurus with them through the portal or whether they found them in Lustria, but they still inhabit the region to this day. The Saurus act as the brute warrior caste of the Lizardmen armies while Skinks are intelligent thinkers born on the backs of Cold Ones. They use Kroxigors as beasts of burden and have developed various flying creatures to aid communication throughout their empire.

The land of Lustria is covered in Lizard gold, drawing theives and treasure hunters from all over. Many explorers have never returned as the riches of the Lizardmen are guarded violently.

To the north of Lustria is the land of the Dark Elves, and High Elves to the north east. It has since been the centre of a campaign called Conquest of the New World, where roving bands of Old Worlders have entered Lustria in an attempt to plunder the vast riches of the Lizardmen.