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Magic is a supernatural force used by a magic-user, commonly named magician, wizard, or sorcerer, to perform a spell.

All magic comes from the dimension of Chaos. While a very small part of it concentrates and solidifies into Warpstone, most of it enters the Warhammer world through the damaged Polar gates in the form of the Winds of Magic and is largely invisible. Magic-users are individuals who are somehow able to sense and to feel and, usually following a special training, can learn to manipulate and use magic in the form of spells.

There are several kinds of magic but most magicians are able to use only a single form.

  • Dark Magic, used by Dark Elves, Beastmen, and sorcerers of Chaos.
  • High Magic, used by the Slann and the High Elves.

Human mages are not capable of using High Magic; however High Magic is 'broken' into the eight winds and human magicians are capable of using one of them. The different winds are essentially specialized forms and seem to influence somewhat the magician in question. Skink shamans are also capable of this achievement.

  • Light: Wind of Hysh, Lore of Light
  • Gold: Wind of Chamon, Lore of Metal and Alchemy
  • Jade: Wind of Ghyran, Lore of Life
  • Celestial: Wind of Azyr, Lore of the Heavens
  • Grey: Wind of Ulgu, Lore of Shadows
  • Amethyst: Wind of Shysh, Lore of Death
  • Bright: Wind of Aqshy. Lore of Fire
  • Amber: Wind of Ghur, Lore of Beasts

  • Necromancy, used by Vampires and Necromancers
  • Warpstone is used by the Grey Seers of the Skaven to fuel their spells.
  • Maw magic is used by the Ogre Butchers, a kind of tribal shaman.
  • Whaaagh magic, used by Orcs and Goblins seems to be a unique form of magic.