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Malekith the Witch King

Malekith, also known as Malerion [11a] is the undisputed lord and master of the Dark Elves. Formerly praised and honoured as the Great, today he is cursed and feared as the Witch King.


Malekith is the son of the legendary Aenarion and his second wife Morathi. He was born in -4458 IC and raised in fortress Anlec of Nagarythe, and many believe that his childhood traumatised him as his father's court was a bitter and savage place. Blood sports, hunting and duels were common in the dangerous court of the Phoenix King with many of the finest warriors gathered there to fight the Daemons that plagued the lands. His mother taught him diplomacy, statecraft and sorcery and his father the arts of war and how to lead and command warriors in battle. [6a][12a]

After the death of his father at the Battle of the Isle of the Dead in -4419 IC, the High Elf princes gathered to choose their new Phoenix King. Malekith, who was Aenarion's son, an experienced warrior, a mighty wizard and a successful general, was the obvious choice.[4a][5a][6a][12a]

However, it was then revealed that Aenarion's children by his first wife, who had been believed slain by Warrior of Chaos, were in fact alive. Yvraine would become the new Everqueen. This created a huge problem for Malekith's ambitions as the Everqueen (his own half-sister) and the future Phoenix King would have to conceive a daughter. The Council of Princes believed Malekith was too much like his father (he was short-tempered and preferred to resolve disputes with violence); they also feared the influence Morathi wielded over her son, as she had wielded it over Aenarion, and wished to restrict it.

Believing that such a war-like ruler was unsuitable to rule in a time of peace, the council elected Bel Shanaar, Prince of Tiranoc instead. On the surface, Malekith took the decision well;[6a][12a] he even silenced the public outcry from his mother and his homeland. Instead, he declared that he would strike out on his own, winning glories and wealth for all of Ulthuan. At the least, he would make the Elven Empire greater and more powerful than it had ever been; at best, he would prove his worth as the future Phoenix King, in any age, beyond all doubt. [12a]

Conquests and travels

Malekith travelled far and wide in search of greater power and glory, establishing colonies across the Old World in the lands that would become the Empire and Bretonnia, fighting great battles against Orcs and Goblins, Beastmen and the followers of Choas, as well as establishing friendship and trade links between the High Elves and the Dwarfs being appointed ambassador to the High King of the Dwarfs, Snorri Whitebeard. Snorri and Malekith became close friends, with the Elf Prince peldging undying support and exchanging priceless gifts when they met for the last time. [6a][7a][12a]

He even led expeditions into the Chaos Wastes itself and it was here that he discovered an ancient city in the ice and within it a powerful artefact - the Circlet of Iron. [6a][12a]

Return to Ulthuan

After many centuries away from home, Malekith eventually returned to Ulthuan, only to find his homeland on the brink of civil war. The Cult of Pleasure, a dark sect devoted to the Cytharai, the darker Elven gods had begun to take hold of Ulthan's society. Malekith volunteered to lead investigations into the cult's activities, and many elves lost their lives in the great purges Malekith led (many of whom were his political enemies). In truth, Malekith was in league with the Cult; Morathi was the cult's high priestess, and was using it to destabilise Ulthuan and raise an army for the next stage of his plan.[6a][12a]

Attempted coup

After many years of plotting, Malekith made his move. in -2751 IC he murdered Bel Shanaar in secret, claimed the Phoenix King had been part of the Cult of Pleasure and had committed suicide in shame. Malekith called the ruling Princes to the Shrine of Asuryan and demanded the crown pass to him, but they were skeptical. Realising they would not give it willingly, Malekith tried to take the crown by force; In Massacre at the Shrine of Asuryan he and his followers slaughtered most of the princes in the temple. However, as he tried to walk through the Eternal Flame as his father had done, it began to consume him and he was terribly burned. His followers fled back to Anlec with their master's body, where Morathi nursed him back to health. [4a][6a][12a]

Then began a long civil war, known as

The Sundering

With the aid of sorcerers and Hotek, a renegade priest of Vaul, he forged a mighty suit of armour to protect his withered and burnt body with the Circlet of Iron mounted on its helm. The he uncanny metal armour was then fused to his own body. He would now become known as the Witch King as he renewed his war against the new Phoenix King, Caledor I but his finest army was defeated in the marshes of Battle of Maledor. [6a][12a]

In -2723 IC He attempted to unbind the Great Vortex and unleash the powers of Chaos to destroy Ulthuan. This attempt failed after Urathion's betrayal warned the mages of Saphery, but still devastated much of northern Ulthuan by a vast tidal wave.[4a][6a][12a]


So Malekith and his followers were driven out of Ulthuan, making their way to the cold wastes of Naggaroth on the newly created Black Arks. There they settled and erected their black cities, including the capital Naggarond. The Dark Elves have, to this day, continued to fight, determined to see Malekith restored to what he sees as his rightful throne and the High Elves exterminated or enslaved for their perfidy.[4a][6c][12a]


For over 5000 years, Malekith has waged war against the High Elves, seeking to reclaim the throne he considers his own. The history of the Dark Elves is the history of their iron-fisted king himself. [4b][12a]

In -2005 IC Malekith orchestrated Great Betrayal: the fractrure between the friendship between High Elves and the Dwarf Kingdoms: Dark Elf agents dressed as High Elves attacked Dwarf traders and settlements. Neither stubborn and proud side failed to see the deceåtion and the War of the Beard began. Over the centuries Elf colonies of the Old World were razed. As Caledor II departed to oversee the war, Malekith in turn returned to Ulthuan and rebuilt his Anlec in -1599 IC, [6c][12a]

This led to a long war, that only ended in failure: in -696 IC Phoenix King Tethlis the Slayer finally destroyes Anlec and drives the Dark Elves from Ulthuan.[6c][12a]

In -693 IC the Battle of the Waves, one of the of Ulthuans history, was fought at the Blighted Isle. Dark Elf armada was forced to return to Naggaroth but at least Tethlis died mysteriously.

After a High Elf expedition to Naggaroth is butchered, Dark Elves again invaded to Ulthuan in 1125 IC, conquering the Shadowlands and rebuilding Anlec once more. This time it survived until 1502 IC when it was razed by dragon Nightfang who mourned his slain rider General Mentheus. [6c][12a]

Great Chaos Incursion

In 2301 IC Morathi seduced great numbers of northern Chaos barbarians. Together with this horde Malekith invaded Ulthuan once more, until he was defeated by Tyrion, Teclis and Everqueen Alarielle at the Battle of Finuval Plain. As the high elves began to be overwhelmed, Teclis invoked the goddess Lileath for one last attack on the Witch King who was forced to fling himself into the Realm of Chaos or be destroyed by the huge bolt of energy.[6d][12a]

End Times

As the beginning of the End Times he returned from three months sojurn in unknown parts and prepared to renew the assault on Ulthuan when word came to him that Naggarond itself was under attack by Valkia the Bloody and her Bloodied Horde. He relieved the siege and then ordered all Naggarothi forces bound for Ulthuan to return home to defend their homeland. [9a]

At the swiftly convened council, he expressed his anger and frustration delcaring that Ulthuan would wait until the barbarians had been suitably humbled. Malus Darkblade was dispatched to return Morathi to him, unharmed. [9a]

Battle for the Isle of the Dead


During the war of the Sundering, Malekith rode into battle either on the Black Chariot pulled by a pair of Cold Ones [4b] or the black dragon Sulekh until she was killed at the Battle of Maledor.[1a]

After another dragon, Kaliphon had been slain with a lance through its heart, Malekith drove a chariot pulled by a pair of Cold Ones into battle. During that time he ordered all other battle chariots in Naggaroth to be destroyed, so that he owned the only remaining one. A clutch of more than a dozen Dragon eggs were discovered in the Spiteful Peaks and tended by priestesses of Khaine for almost a century. Seraphon was the first to emerge when they hatched, destroying a number of the other eggs. Impressed by the Dragons instincts, Malekith assigned Rakarth to train his new mount for decades and his most favoured generals were given their own Dragon to master. [13]

Malekith flew with his new flight of Dragons and their riders to Ulthuan to test its might against a small coastal town, wiping it out. [13]

During the End Times, Malekith rode a mighty black dragon called Seraphon into battle.[2a]

Weapons and Equipment

During the wars of conquest and the Sundering, Malekith wielded the sword Avanuir.[1b][3] Later he wielded the sword Urithain the Destroyer.[2b] During the battle for the Blighted Isle, Urithain was shattered by Tyrion wielding Sunfang.[2c] The shards of Urithain were reforged by Hotek and renamed Asuryath.[2d] Malekith wielded Asuryath in the battle for the Isle of the Dead where Asuryath too was shattered by Tyrion wielding the Sword of Khaine.[2e]

  • Armour of Midnight:: Created using meteoric iron mined in Naggaroth, it does not effect Malekiths casting ability and is virtually invulnerable to non magical attacks. [5a]
  • Circlet of Iron: Older than the Elvish race, it boost the magical reserves of Malekith. [4b]
  • Destroyer: Enables Malekith to steal a foes magical power. [4b]
  • Hand of Khaine: Powerful magical gauntlet that can crush skulls and tear off limbs. [5a]
  • Spell Shield: Dispells spells and uses the energy to attack the caster. [4b]
  • Witch King's Armour: Forged from iron and resplendent with Runes, it does not effect Malekiths casting ability and makes him harder to hit. [4b]



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Thus will the Dark King fall, slain by neither blade nor arrow but by a sorcerous power of darkest magic and so shall his body be consumed in the flames and for all eternity burn.

~ Excerpt from the Prophecy of Demise. [10]



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