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Type God
Status Active
Home Druchiroth
Relatives Morathi (Mother)
Affiliation Order

For his previous life in the World-That-Was see: Malekith.

Malerion is a god that was once part of Sigmar's great alliance. His ire waxes long in the Ulgulands.[1]


Age of Myth

Malerion woke alone in the Ulgu, without memories or physical form. As he grew more frustrated and furious at his existence has a shadow, the more his memories of the End Times he regained and more of his physical form solidified. He explored the thirteen domains of Ulgu and found many creatures, but none of his kind. Eventually Malerion would find a glade filled with shadow daemons and his mother Morathi at his centre. This reunion was hostile, full of recriminations and anger, and even through neither trusted the other, they managed to make an uneasy truce.[2a]

Eventually Malerion joined Sigmar's Great Alliance.[2a]

Malerion and Tyrion could not find any aelf outside of Azyrheim, but in their dreams they could hear the anguished cries of damned aelves devoured by Slaanesh. The Chaos God was left bloated and helpless by the souls he devoured during the End Times, so it hid hoping to digest his meal. But thanks to the manipulations of Tzeentch over Khorne, the two newly born aelven gods, captured Slaanesh, but failed their duties to Sigmar's Great Alliance.[2a] Not only that but he actively subverted the Alliance.[2c]

Age of Chaos

He, Teclis and Tyrion used their powers to obscure Azyr, hiding the creation of the Stormcast Eternals from even Tzeentch himself.[2d] He also gifted Sigmar with the Gladitorium which allows the Stormcast to train in incredably fierce and realistic battles using illusions - but it is also used by Malerion to observe the Eternals. [4a]

Age of Sigmar

The followers of Slaanesh blame Malerion for their missing god and eagerly seek him in the Realm of Ulgu.[2b]

Morathi warns the Aelven gods of Slaanesh's eventual escape, and in response Malerion openly disespects her.[3a]


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