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A one-eyed (and probably scurvy-ridden) pirate Maneater.

Maneaters are the most experienced Ogre mercenaries, who spent decades fighting for whoever will pay them most- a quest that has usually taken them across the whole Warhammer world. After they acquire enough wealth, trophies and tales of battle, they return to their home tribe. Their tales and experience make them popular amongst Ogres, and its no surprise that in battle they tend to cluster around him, trusting his every word and willingly accepting his orders (though not over that of their Tyrant!).[1][2]

As a being that has fought for so long, there are few things that a Maneater has not successfully fought, and as such, little if anything will scare him. He, as well as the Ogres around, can be trusted not to suddenly flee, the often-exaggerated tales lifting the brutes' spirits. Their wargear also helps, for these Ogres wield the best weapons they could obtain during their exploits, up to, and including the handguns.[1][2]

A Maneater who had bolstered the forces of the mighty Empire of Sigmar.