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The last and most dangerous of the von Carstein Vampire Counts is Mannfred, a subtle, devious and treacherous individual. Some say he was awake when the von Carstein ring was stolen and laid a glamour upon the sentries to prevent them from noticing. While Konrad von Carstein ravaged the Empire in an attempt to emulate the great Vlad, Mannfred laid low and studied the art of necromancy. It is said that he journeyed as far as the Kingdom of the Dead in search of the secrets of unlife, returning to Castle Drakenhof with a fund of dark lore. After Konrad's death he became the undisputed ruler of the Sylvanian hosts, but for a full decade he did nothing, letting the various contenders for the Imperial throne think that the Sylvanian threat was over, giving them time to fall out among themselves.

Once the Empire was again racked by civil war, Mannfred deemed it time to strike. His Undead legions crossed the Sylvanian border in winter and marched through the snows to Altdorf, putting any villagers they met to the sword and adding them to the ranks of their army. In the infamous Winter War of 2032 he defeated several hastily assembled Imperial armies which attempted to block his path. Victory followed victory and mere rumours of Mannfred's approach were enough to send villagers fleeing from their homes to freeze to death the snow.