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Mendoza is a Estalian Wizard and scholar in service to the Duke of Brionne, Jonquille de Brionne. [1a][2a]

In 2499 IC he purchased a parchment copy of a gold plaque brought from Lustria by the Norse explorer Haakon the Reckless. It contained the Chronicle of Itza, hastily translated and written down by a Elf scholar in the Norseman’s retinue before the plague was melted down to make a shield boss. [1a]

It took several years of isolated study but Mendoza translated the document which proved to be a concise history of the Temple-City of Itza. His employer was disappointed that it gave no indication of where the fabled riches of the Lizardmen where kept. Consequently, he sent his fleet to raid Araby instead. [1a]

Copies of the translation later began to circulate across Bretonnia and the western Empire. [2a]

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