Morglum Necksnapper

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The Black Orc, Morglum Necksnapper is the Black Orc [7] leader of the mighty Necksnapper tribe of the Darklands.


As a youth he took in many battles were the Orcs were defeated by the superior discipline and cohesion of the Dwarfs. [6a]

Morglum defeated Roglobb Gutripper in single combat to take command of a small warband of greenskins, although the challenge was issued only moments after Roglobb had been stuck in the stomach with a battle axe. He then led a band of some eighty Orcs, a dozen Goblin Wolfriders and a pack of snotling slaves (and emergency food supply) on an extended campaign of despoiling, pillaging and eating the inhabitants of large villages and small towns. [6a]

In 2488 IC he led his forces across the World's Edge Mountains and at the Battle of Death Pass he defeated a large Bretonnian errantry army which had been methodically cleansing the northern Badlands of greenskins for several years. As the Bretonnian duke and his surviving knights galloped frantically out of Death Pass towards the setting sun, pursued by hordes of Goblin Wolf Riders, Morglum Necksnapper made his famous pronouncement "Let 'em tell da King. Da east belongs to da Orcs. Da east belongs to Morglum. Da east is green."[1][3][7]

Aided by his second-in-command, Oglok the 'Orrible, Morglum later united with the Orc Warboss Gorfang Rotgut to attack Karak Azul. The greenskins briefly took possession of the Hold and captured many of King Kazador's kin.

In 2506 IC he led a greenskin horde into Hochland and Ostland from the Middle Mountains but was eventually confronted by an army led by Kurt Helborg [1b] accompanied by Ludwig Schwarzhelm and the Elector Count of Ostland. [1a] Initial skirmishes took place between Kislev cavalry and Goblin Wolf Riders but the two armies finally faced each other across a barren plain south of Wolfenburg resulting in the Battle of the Plain. [1b]

End Times

Morglum was slain by Grimgor Ironhide during the End Times, the Necksnapper Tribe was then absorbed into his massive Waaagh![5]


Iron-fisted with a fearsome reputation, inspired by his experiences fighting the Dwarfs, he tries to impose discipline on his boyz with limited success. [6a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Light Armour, Two Axes. May ride a War Boar or a Monster. May have three Magic Items. [7]
  • WFRP 1st Edition: Breastplate, Helmet, Magic Battle Axe. [6c]



The only good Humie'z a dead Humie. The only thing better'n a dead Humie'z a dying Humie who tells yer where ter find 'is mates.

~ Morglum Necksnapper.[6b]


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