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The Mundurwald is a magical wood near Salzenmund. [1a]

It is a light and high-vaulted woodland filled with elegant ash trees, a pleasant place, even during the winter. Salzenmunders all know better than to hunt or take timber from the Mundurwald. [1a]

No Elves have a permanent residence in the wood but there are always some beneath the trees. [1a]


Queen Marrisith ordered her treesingers to cultivate a wood close to the Human settlement of Salzenmund in the early years of the Empire. It would provide a place for the Eonir to watch and, if necessary, meet with the Human rulers.[1a]

Meeting Place

If the queen of Laurelorn Forest or her high councillors desire an audience with the Elector Count they request a meeting in Mundurwald. In the same way if the ruler of Nordland wants to speak with the Eonir, they petition Tor Lithanel to come to the wood. At its heart is a clearing surrounded by banked earth, forming an agora which is considered neutral ground, a place where Man and Elf can meet safely without weapons or magic being used against the other. [1a]