Nagash the Unbroken (Novel)

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Nagash the Unbroken
Author(s) Mike Lee
Cover Artist Jon Sullivan
Preceded by Nagash the Sorcerer
Followed by Nagash Immortal

Nagash the Unbroken is a novel by Mike Lee in the Time of Legends series, the second in his trilogy focusing on Nagash.

Cover Description

The powerful necromancer Nagash, having suffered defeat on the battlefield at the hands of the priest kings, is forced to lick his wounds in the mountains of Nehekhara. Over time he rebuilds his strength and finds new allies in the skaven, mutant ratmen that live beneath the earth. In his new lair of Cripple Peak, the necromancer discovers something dark and powerful - warpstone. Coveted by the skaven, this magical rock could make the evil Nagash unstoppable...