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Nawat ben Hazar

Nawat ben Hazar was a Arabyan bandit. [1a]


A lean, tough man clad in cotton robes, the wide belt of a desert tribesman cicrling his waist, notches cut into it celebrating battles and enemies killed. His few remaining teeth were stained black from his use of lotus root and he had dark eyes beneath shaggy grey eyebrows. [1a]


He often boasted that he had been exiled from his tribe for loving the daughter of its chieftain. [1a]

By -1285 IC his glory days were long gone as he led a score of ragged men and women, mostly on foot when he recruited a warrior who claimed to be a exile and soldier from Rasetra, Ubaid. [1a]

Weapon sand Equipment

He had a pair of ivory-hilted daggers and a sleek curved sword. [1a]


Mark my words, khatuf. We'll have a bit of gold and meat for our bellies tonight

~ Nawat ben Hazar. [1a]