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The New World is a vast land consisting of two connected continents, lying west of the Old World across the Great Ocean, beyond the island of Ulthuan. The New World's western coast is bound by the Far Sea.

Lustria (and thus the New World) was discovered by Erik the Lost in the year 2402 IC.

The New World consists of two major continents:

  • Lustria - The southern continent. It is mostly covered in humid, dark, hostile jungles, with a small area of plains and mesas in the south. It is home to many animals which would seem alien to the Old World. It is home as well to two exotic forms of human, Amazons and Pygmies (both engineered by the Slann). It is also inhabited by the Lizardmen. Drawn by legends of treasure, Old Worlders and Norse have started to cross the ocean in increasing numbers.
  • Naggaroth the "Land of Chill" - The northern continent. One must distinguish between the continent and kingdom of Naggaroth. The kingdom belongs to the Dark Elves and is the single country/nation on this continent. It was established by the Dark Elves after their defeat in the Elven civil war. Its supremacy is largely unchalleged but the wilder areas are inhabited by hostile Beastmen and Orcs.


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