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Titles The dweller beneath the waves
Type Godbeast
Status Unknown
Home Ocean depths of the Realm of Ghur
Relatives Spawn

Nharvolak is a godbeast known as the dweller beneath the waves.[1]


In the Age of Myth, every five hundred years the godbeast would rise from the depths of the ocean and attack cities and civilisations, releasing its offspring to devour the living. Sigmar confronted it and drove his legendary hammer into its eye, causing it to flee back to the depths, he then slaughtered its spawn, most sinking back down into the ocean. However one great carcass washed ashore on the Taloncoast and its skeleton would later be used as the foundations for the infamous pirate haven of Bilgeport [1]


Legends describe it as a force of massive divine power created to destroy those who would conquer nature.[1]