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Nurgle Rotbringers are the mortal followers of Nurgle, the Lord of Decay.[3] They are the mortals bloated with disease who attracted Nurgle's gaze and he unashamedly favours those that spread disease in his name and revels in the results of their actions.[4a] Many of his mortal followers come from nations destroyed by his legions, either corrupted by the promises of powers or the chance of surviving the poxes that his influence spreads.[4b]


  • Rust Legion: A mighty warhost that defended the genesis gate, led by Ranslug.[5]
  • Swollen Kings: They are eager vassals of Nurgle, going into battle with cankerous armor and rusted weapons filled with poisonous filth.[8]
  • Bulofex's Blightguard hulking warriors that despite their plague-ridden bodies fight with phenomenal skill and speed.[8]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Bloab Rotspawned Nurgle Rotbringers Maggoth Lord Human A living hive of daemonic maggots dwelling within his hollowed-out mortal flesh, Bloab rides the maggoth Bilespurter.
Ephraim Bollos Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Nurgle Human Lord Rotskull is a member of the Nurgle Rotbringers who rules over the Rot-Horn. Ompallious Zeyros attacked the crag fortress in order to destroy him.
Ethrac Glott Nurgle Rotbringers Glottkin Human One of the Glottkin the favoured triplets of Nurgle. A mean and devious sorcerer that can cast Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Fleshy Abundance.
Sir Festerbite Nurgle Rotbringers Knight of Nurgle Human A renowned knight of the Order of the Fly, Second in command of the Crusade into Shyish.
Festus the Leechlord Nurgle Rotbringers Demon Alchemist Human The Leechlord. Demon alchemist of Nurgle.
Ghurk Glott Nurgle Rotbringers Glottkin Human One of the Glottkin the favoured triplets of Nurgle. A champion swollen by Nurgle's blessings to a humongous size with a Lamprey Maw and Flailing Tentacle.
Glutrik Nurgle Rotbringers Nurglite warrior Human A nurglite warrior that is part of the Dripping Skull warband. He fought in the armies of the Blightmage Kraderblob, despite his hatred for the sorcerer. During the battle for the Shimmertarn he was impaled on the talon-branch of a Sylvaneth Dryad, but regenerated afterwards and taunted the leaving dryad to come back since this time he was ready.
Grelch Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Nurgle Human A nurglite lord that ruled the Ghyrtribe that protected the Gates of Dawn. He was slain in the first strike of the Hallowed Knights at the dawn of the Age of Sigmar.
Carkus Gryme‎ Nurgle Rotbringers Heir Human He quested to save the Lady of Cankerwall.
Gutrot Spume Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Tentacles Human An arrogant man whose left side of his body is covered in tentacles and teeth.
Kraderblob Nurgle Rotbringers Blightmage Human A blightmage that lead the warband of the Dripping Skull.
Lady of Cankerwall Nurgle Rotbringers Unknown Human Bearer of the Flyblown Chalice, a Seer to the Order of the Fly and who first converted the Blighted Duchies to the worship of Nurgle.
Morbidex Twiceborn Nurgle Rotbringers Maggoth Lord Human The lord of Nurglings, he rides into battle on top of the maggoth Tripletongue.
Ocander Wolgus Nurgle Rotbringers Blightmaster Human A Blightmaster of the Order of the Fly who lead a crusade into the Realm of Shyish in the Age of Chaos and was slain there at the Mandible by Neferata.
Orghotts Daemonspew Nurgle Rotbringers Maggoth Lord Human A bitter half daemon Champion of the plague god Nurgle.
Otto Glott Nurgle Rotbringers Glottkin Human One of the Glottkin the favoured triplets of Nurgle. A pragmatic warrior wielding a Poison-slicked Scythe.
Pazak Nurgle Rotbringers Rotbringers Sorcerer Human Of the Faceted Eye. A Rotbringers sorcerer working for Anhur, a Bloodbound warlord.
Ranslug Nurgle Rotbringers Unknown Human The leader of the Rust Legion.
Slaugoth Maggotfang Nurgle Rotbringers Rotbringers Sorcerer Human A sorcerer who served Torglug, his vile rains had helped flood the Athelwyrd.
Torglug the Despised Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Plagues Human Once a champion of life and defender of the Realm of Ghyran called Tornus, Torglug became a servant of Nurgle after spending seventy-seven days tortured and corrupted by the plague god's diseases.
Tulg the Wide Nurgle Rotbringers Rotbringers Sorcerer Human A sorcerer who was part of the crusade into Shyish led by Blightmaster Wolgus, he was slain by Neferata.
Ungholghott Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Nurgle Human A powerful lord who plagued the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia for many centuries.
Urslaug Nurgle Rotbringers Rotbringers Sorcerer Human A immortal sorceress in the service of Nurgle who once served aboard Lurska, the kraken-flagship of Gutrot Spume but tiring of the pirate life retired to the Garden of Nurgle where she continued her studies and tends the foul crops.
Sargo Wale Nurgle Rotbringers Rotbringers Sorcerer Human A powerful merchant of the city of Demesnus in the Realm of Ghyran but secretly a servant of Nurgle.
Bilespurter Nurgle Rotbringers Bloab's Mount Pox Maggoth Mount of Bloab Rotspawned.
Tripletongue Nurgle Rotbringers Morbidex's Mount Pox Maggoth Mount of Morbidex Twiceborn.
Whippermaw Nurgle Rotbringers Orghotts's Mount Pox Maggoth Mount of Orghotts Daemonspew.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Bloab M01.jpg
Bloab Rotspawned Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Festus M01.jpg
Festus the Leechlord Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Gutrot M01.jpg
Gutrot Spume Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Harbinger of Decay M01.jpg
Harbinger of Decay Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Lord of Afflictions M01.jpg
Lord of Afflictions Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Lord of Blights M01.jpg
Lord of Blights Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Lord of Plagues M01.jpg
Lord of Plagues Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Morbidex M01.jpg
Morbidex Twiceborn Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Orghotts M01.jpg
Orghotts Daemonspew Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Pusgoyle Blightlord M01.jpg
Pusgoyle Blightlord Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Blightking M01.jpg
Putrid Blightking Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Rotbringer Sorcerer M01.jpg
Rotbringer Sorcerer Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll
Glottkin M01.jpg
The Glottkin Nurgle Rotbringers Chaos Warscroll

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