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The Oak of Ages is a mighty tree, residing at the very heart of Athel Loren in the realm of Talsyn.[1a]

It is where Ariel, Queen of the woods holds her court, and where she was first able to truly communicate with the forest thousands of years ago. the Oak itself acts as a shrine to the Wood Elves, and it is where during the long months of winter the ashes of Orion are kept. During the Winter of Woe the Wood Elves defended the Oak of Ages with their lives.[2]

The Oak of ages is an intensely magical entity, and it changes depending on which wind of magic flows strongest around it. Its acorns contain more magic than many heirlooms elsewhere in the Old World. Planting one will cause a mighty oak in a matter of seconds. The Oak of Ages forms the nexus of the Worldroots, pathways that allow the Wood Elves to travel to realms as far afield as Naggaroth. [1a][1b]