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An Ogre is a ten feet tall, and about half as wide, humanoid creature, with large arms and legs, its large body topped by a snarling head (with little in the way of a neck to separate the two). A typical Ogre is usually bald as a boulder, although many of them posses a beard cultivated to capture what morsels trying to escape the ogres mouth.

Ogres are always hungry. They eat anything - and anybody - they can and destroy anything they cann't eat or use for their own purpose because they have a big hunger for destruction and violence as well as for food. The only thing, ogres will respect is power and they tend to bully anybody weaker then themselves.

Most of the Ogres live - or dwell - in the Ogre Kingdoms, east of the Dark Lands, in the Mountains of Mourn, together with the Gnoblars, a greenskinned, goblinoid slave-race. Ogres also have strong nomadical tendencies and tend to take long journeys all around the Warhammer world, where they fight as Mercenarys in the Dogs of War Armies or for any general who will pay them in food.

The rulers of the Ogre Kingdoms - and tribes - are called Ogre Tyrants and rule by brute force. The Ogre Butchers are their Shamans as well as their cooks, who create the meal for the great feasts of the Ogre tribes and use the Gut Magic - a gift of the Great Maw - to strength their fellow Ogres and destroy their enemies.

Any adult male Ogres are called Ogre Bulls, and these Bulls form the bulk of any Ogre horde i.e. army. Some of the Ogre Bulls belief themselfes harder then their fellow Ogres, because of their ability to eat inagreable things like stones or iron without becoming ill. These Ogres call themselfes Iron Guts, wear some plundered armour and wield giant doublehanded weapons. Ogre Leadbelchers have managed to get their hands on a cannon, mostly salvaged from an overtaken enemy's artillery emplacement or bought from the Chaos Dwarfs and have learned, to fire these gun barrels to create havoc as well as lots of black smoke and deafening noise.