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One of the Pegasi.

Pegasus (plural, Pegasi), are the mysterious winged horses of magical origin.


Pegasi look like magnificent white steeds with elegant feathered wings. Their coats sparkle under the sun in a manner reminiscent of light playing over new-fallen snow.[1] A Pegasus' wingspan can reach as much as 25 feet.[5a]


While Pegasi are not really faster than regular horses, they wings allow them to fly above anything. What is really valued in them, however, is their strength, comparable to that of a Chaos Steed and the Skaven-like creations, making them a valued mount.[1] Pegasi are social animals hat live in large herds.[6a]

Unlike normal horses, a pegasus is omnivorous, eating both vegetation and meat. Their bone structure is similar to that of birds, and they are believed by some scholars to be able to ride on the Winds of Magic in order to fly.[8a]

Pegasi are widely distributed creatures. In the Old World, they mainly inhabit the Grey Mountains.[6a] In this area, they often compete with Hippogriffs for eyries.[8b] Other populations exist across the world, many of which have developed a variety of unusual traits.[6a]

As Steeds

Some Knights of the Realm can find a Pegasus as their mount, forming fearsome Pegasus Knights, some of which might even become noble Paladins or powerful Dukes. However, the Bretonnians are not the only army able to use them, for when the Storm of Magic starts, any wizard, regardless of race, can use the Scroll of Binding to summon these wild creatures to do their bidding.[1][2][3]

Lords and Sorcerers of many nations seek a Pegasus as a mount for they can be extremely loyal steeds, able to anticpate their master's requirements. Some wizards use simple cantrips to communicate with them. [6a] Foals are stolen from nests in the Grey Mountains to be reared as mounts. [7a] Raising a Pegasus foal to adulthood takes about a year. Unlike some fiercer mounts, it is possible to enlist help in doing this without harming the steed's willingness to take a rider.[10a] Some riders prefer Pegasi to fiercer mounts such as Griffins due to their having milder tempers and being easier to control.[8a]


Dark Pegasi

The Dark Pegasus is variant native to Naggaroth. Dark Pegasi are significantly affected by the influence of Chaos, which has caused their coats to become black, their wings to become leathery and batlike, and their teeth to sharpen into fangs. Dark Pegasi also tend to sport sharp and twisted horns. Unlike omnivorous common Pegasi, Dark Pegasi are strictly carnivorous. They are avid hunters and crave the flesh of men. [8a]

Radiant Pegasi

A breed native to the plateaus of the Arabyan Mountains, able to absorb the sun's heat and transmute it into a burning light that flows over their skin. If threatened by a enemy, they can discharge this energy into them in a searing flash. [6a]

Royal Pegasi

The greatest of their kind, only the richest and most powerful nobles own a Royal Pegasus, for they are incredibly rare. Those fortunate enough treat theirs with the greatest respect, almost as if it were a peer. Each Bretonnian Lord has a handful of Knights Errant in his retinue whose responsibility it is to care for this, his prized possession and noblest of steeds. Peasants are never allowed near these beasts, lest their stench or clumsiness causes the pegasus harm - indeed, tales tell of the obsessive Volstall of Quenelles, who executed any peasant that even gazed upon his steed. Those superhuman Grail Knights, who own such beasts, often ride to war in units of elite "Royal Pegasus Knights".[4][9a]

Weapons and Equipment

Due to its chaotic heritage, a Pegasi is able to injure creatures such as elementals and Daemons which are normally immune to non-magical weapons. [5a]

  • 8th Edition: May have Radiant Aura or Serrated Horns. [6a]




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