Plague Priest

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Plague Priests are the most devoted and diseased members of the Skaven Clan Pestilens.


The Plague Priests are the enforcers of the devotion and discipline of Clan Pestilens, stoking the fanaticism of the Plague Monks, and leading the daily rituals. These involve recording new diseases and monitoring their effects on captives, Skavenslaves and even the Plague Monks themselves. Each day they update the Books of Woe with the latest knowledge of the contagions developed by the Plague Monks.[1a] Another duty of the Plague Priests is to ensure that the Cauldrons of a Thousand Poxes are constantly overflowing with new and terrible diseases.Needs Citation

Plague Priests aim to be walking vessels of disease - viewing infections as blessings from the Horned Rat himself. In battle they use the Skaven lore of Plague, breathing clouds of disease ridden gas or infecting whole swathes of the enemy army with deadly diseases.[1b] Whether these powers are blessings of the Horned Rat or simply teachings from the Book of Woe is open to debate, but it matters little to those infected.Needs Citation They sometimes carried a Plague Censers or flails to better inflict pain and disease on the enemy. They may also carry a Warp Scroll or a Plague Banner into battle. These help them spread disease and invigorate their fellow devotees. They may ride a Great Pox Rat or, if the coming battle is of great importance, the Plague Priest may even order the construction of a Plague Furnace to further the spread of infection.[1a][1c][1d]