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Plain of Bones

Location Map

Plain of Bones is a polluted desert to the east of the Worlds Edge Mountains. [1a]

Smoke full of toxic chemicals is carried to the desert from the many factories and furnaces of the Empire of the Chaos Dwarfs. [1a]

It gets its name from the large number of huge skeletons the area with rib cages as high as hills and leg bones thicker than any tree. Amnogst the bones can be found treasure as gold and gems are swallowed by the dragons to aid digestion. Many treasure hunters add their bones [1a]


For millions of years, the Dragons used it as a graveyard flying to the desolate region when they neared the end of their lives with the bones of tens of thousands of their kind building up over the many millenia. [1a]

When the first incursion of Chaos began, some vast corpses were inhabited by malign spirits and began to walk the earth as Zombie Dragons. Since that the time, the Dragons no longer come to the cursed area to die.[1a]


Wandering tribes of Orcs & Goblins will ravage any signs of life in the region. [1a]