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The Pox-mother is a Great Unclean One. [1a]


Tamurkhan sought out the Gallows tree so he could pledge himself further to Nurgle and gain boons from the Pox-mother. His mind straining to retain his sanity, he pledged to destroy the home of Magnus the Pious, Nuln and the Pox-mother rewarded him with the true names of daemons and an amphora filled with pestilent water from the Garden of Nurgle. [1a]

The Gallows Tree

An infamous entity and gateway to the Garden of Nurgle in the northern Chaos Wastes that leads to the Pox-mother. [1a]

Followers of Nurgle seek it out hoping that the Pox-mother will grant rewards of prophecy and dark secrets to the worthy. However, those who fail to impress her are tormented and then hung from the branches of her tree for the crows and maggots. [1a]



Hush Tamurkhan, hush pestilent son. Remember Nurgle loves you! Nurgle loves all his little children...his pretties....his pets. And I love you! Bless you all! Bless you all!

~The Pox-mother to Tamurkhan.[1]


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