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Titles Father of All
Type God
Affiliation Nehekhara
Symbols Sun

Phakth, the Father of All [3a], is the Nehekharan god of the Sun. [1a]

The most widely worshipped of the gods of Nehekhara, he appears in many stories. [1a]

He travels across the sky in his golden chariot, chasing his love, the moon-goddess. [1a]

His wife is Neru, the Goddess of Protection. [2b]


For millions of years, he and the other gods dwelt in the Great Land before the coming of men. After this time they became invisible spirits, but able to take on a form of their choosing. [1a]

Legends state that he led a great battle against the gods of Chaos riding in his golden chariot, daemons recoiling from his divine touch. Eventually victorious he and the other gods transformed the land into a verdant paradise later called Nehekhara. [2a]


Those who use the Lore of Nehekhara can call on him to imbue the Nehekharan undead with his light, fury and power. [2b]


He is one of the favoured forms for Ushabti guardian statues with Djaf and Phakth. [1a]


Ptra, Father of All, has spoken. So long as the sun shines on the warriors of the faithful, victory is certain.

~ Memnet, Grand Hierophant. [3a]

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