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Quatar is a city in Nehekhara. [1a]

It is located in the central-southwestern region, about five hundred miles from Khemri. Situated at the entrance to the Charnel Valley it is now called the Palace of Corpses, but was originally known as the White Palace and the Gateway of Eternity.[1a]

It has played only a very little part in the grand history of Nehekhara only being conquered by the greatest of the kings of Khemri. These include Settra, Khetep and Alcadizaar.

The city is now home to a powerful Vizier, Sehenesmet who has been animating the monolithic statues of the city. It is said he has now intered himself within one vast hybrid statue/construct, part eagle-part lion in shape. [1b]


In -1750 IC, King Nemuhareb allied with the usurper king Nagash, joining his forces to fight against Lybaras and Rasetra. [3a] King Rakh-amn-hotep and King Hekhmenukep marched their armies through the Valley of Kings, hoping to reach the Gates of the Dusk before Quatar could stop them but the Tomb Guard of Quatar moved to block them, initally clashing with the advance guard of light horsemen and driving them back before the Battle at the Gates of the Dawn truely began. [3b] Nemuhareb was defeated and surrendered to the allied kings. [3d]

The population of the city was almost wiped out by the plague carried by the Red Rain unleashed on Nehekhara in -1750 IC by Nagash. [3e] Following the 2nd Battle at the Springs of Eternal Life, Nagash sends his Immortals to raise the dead of Quatar - 30,000 skeletons crawl out of the tombs to attack the population. [1r] Arkhan the Black took the Ivory Throne with Raamket skinning Nemuhareb and his family alive, the still living hide of the king stretched across a standard. [3g]

Naeem was king in -1597 IC when Neferata claimed the throne of Lahmia and he hastened to greet her with a retinue of priests from Mahrak whose city he had a spent a fortune trying to restore. [4a] To his shock and delight she pledged to help rebuild the city at a council of the rulers of Nehekhara, offering 10,000 talents of gold every year until the work was completed. [4a]

When in -1200 IC, Alcadizzar united the cities against Lahmia, King Nebunefre led the Tomb Guard, 5000 heavy infantry of the city to join the Siege of Lahmia. [5a]

After his construction of the Sepulche of the Heavens in -1185 IC, Ramhotep is mummified alive within it. [2a]

The city was attacked in -642 IC by the Black Maw Tribe of Ogres but they are wiped out by animated statues from the Charnel Valley. [2a]

The ancient Dragon Kalandrithir awakens and rampages through the city in 1321 IC before being shot in the heart and killed by a Necrolith Colossus. [2a]


It is famed for huge statues of the gods and kings [1a] of Nehekhara with the greatest of the structures of Quatar are actually built into the mountain side, enhancing their already massive size.

  • Palace of the Dusk: Temple to the God of Death, Djaf. [3e]
  • White Palace: Built to rival and then surpass Settra's palace in Khemri, it is a vast structure surrounded by ornamental parks and squares with fountains. [3e]


The Alabaster Army of Quatar is a powerful force of Ushabti that have crushed many armies beneath their feet before retunring to their rest in the White Palace. [2b]

  • Tomb Guard: They wear white painted leather armour and carry huge swords and heavy wooden shields. [3c]
  • Ushabti: The ancient Ushabti had the faces of jackels and it was said the lightest touch of their blades could kill. [3c]


The patron diety of the city is Djaf, the god of death. [3c]

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