Razek Silverfoot

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Razek Silverfoot was a Dwarf Thane from Karaz Bryn, son of its king, Borri Silverfoot [1a] and his hearth-warden. [1d]


As a beardling, Razek served as a Dwarf Ranger which he considered the best years of his life. [1f]

Razek had travelled to the Caliphates of Araby and could speak their language as well as that of the Strigoi. [1b]

When his hold traded with Kadon at Mourkin he had visited the city and seen its growing darkness. [1c]

Later in -800 IC he was dispatched by his father and accompanied by his cousin to Mourkain to finalise a new trading alliance,[1b] selling dwarf made weapons in exchange for gold. However whilst travelling through the Worlds Edge Mountains he was ambushed by Beastmen and all of his party slain save for himself. Before he lapsed into unconsciousness and was devoured however he was saved by Neferata and five companions. [1a]

As he recovered from his injuries he was carried towards Mourkain but was able to walk after a couple of days. He was brought before Ushoran and greeted him in a formal manner but the words he recieved in return tested his temper with the King of the city seemingly more interested in Neferata. [1c] Razek visited Neferata in her new dwelling, she having destroyed Ushoran's chief advisor and taken his place and home. [1d]

Over a drink, Razek informed her to repay his life-debt he (and hence Karaz Bryn) would only deal with Neferata, as he trusted her to keep accounts settled. [1d]

For the next fifty years they worked together, but Razek was also making attmepts to discover the source of the gold, rightly suspicious of its origin and how it was being obtained. In -750 IC, his father ordered him home, concerned that his investigations would threaten the trade between the two peoples. [1e] He lost his position as hearth-warden and assingen to overseeing trade with other dwarf holds. [1f]

In -550 IC, Neferata met with Razek again in a hidden und ~(watch-post) in the mountains where they agreed to combine forces against the Orc Waaagh! of the Shaman Wazzakaz. [1f]

In -326 IC Ushoran himself killed Razek and his rangers when they were found searching for the source of his gold. [1g]


Pah, what would a people as young as your know abouthonour? No it is about honour, but bout debts and accounts, as I have told you before, Neferata. Debts must be paid and accounts balanced.

~ Razek to Neferata.[1f]


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