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Realmgates are shimmering portals used by the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms to travel across and between them.[1] Some Realmgates have become corrupted by Chaos and lead to various regions within the Realm of Chaos.

Notable Varieties

  • Baleful Realmsgates: Unstable and flickering, these gates have been cursed by the dark gods. Anyone that travels through them runs the risk of being devoured by daemons. Powerful wizards and priests can stabilize these portals for some time.[2]
  • Gate of Azyr: A portal connecting the realm of Aqshy to Azyr, located in the Brimstone Penninsula. Its conquest was the first objective of the Sigmar's recovery of the realms.[3] Called the Whispering Gate by the tribe-folk of Aqshy.
    • The term Gates of Azyr are also used to refer to any Realmgate connecting Azyr to one of the other Mortal Realms.


Arcways are unique Realmgates that connect to the realm known as Allpoints. Each Mortal Realm contains only one Arcway, which are heavily guarded by fortresses called All-gates.[5]

  • The Brimfire Gate - the Arcway of Aqshy.
  • The Genesis Gate - the Arcway of Ghyran.
  • The Endgate - the Arcway of Shyish.
  • The Mawgate - the Arcway of Ghur.
  • The Mercurial Gate - the Arcway of Chamon.