Redeemer Conclave

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With Sigmar's lightning bolt on their left shoulder[1c], the Redeemer conclaves serve as the primary battleline units of the Stormcast Eternals. Relentless and stalwart, these hardy fights are considered the sigmarite soul of their chamber.[1a][1b]


Liberators are the footsoldiers of the Warrior-Chambers and the most common soldier of the Stormhosts. Each one of them were a hero plucked from the Mortal Realms by Sigmar and reforged, their minds and bodies imbued with the power of a god, in the Chamber of the Broken World into a Stormcast Eternal. In the Age of Sigmar they are immortals hurled down to the Mortal Realms to liberate it from the tyranny of Chaos.[1][2][3]

Most wield a holy warhammer and a broad tower shield of sigmarite and are experts at deflecting enemy attacks and even those attacks that bypass their shields are often stopped by their Sigmarite armour. They are patient and will wait till the enemies are at their shield walls or have been hemmed to a close confines before striking them down. Some however prefer keen blades instead of hammers. The Celestial Vindicators even prefer to forgo the tower shields to carry a warblade in both hands to fight as a whirlwind of razored edges that reduce their foes to nothing but dismembered limbs.The Liberator-Primes are the leaders of the liberators, denoted by their lion-headed shoulder pad and plumed helm. Primes and the most experienced warriors in a retinue will wield a two-handed grandblade or grandhammer that can slay an Ogor in a single strike. Liberators that wield blades have a gothic halos, while those that wield warhammers have crescent halos. A relic box hangs from their belt and some wield reliquaries on their backs.[1][3][4] [6]


Sequitors are the line infantry of the Sacrosanct Chambers1 with the ability to channel the tempest through their magical weaponry. However they do not consider themselves to be true mages as they are still in the first stages of arcane mastery but for mortal eyes they are a terrifyingly supernatural. They wear armour of burning sigmarite and their weapons glow blue with the power of High Azyr. In battle a corona of energy crackles around them and form crowns of corposant while thunder rumbles within their war cries. [6]

Most wield a heavy and an angular Stormsmite Maul and a broad Soul Shield. In appearance they are similar to that of Liberators but a Sequitor is able to channel magic into the armaments they carry to imbue either their weapon or shield with aetheric power, then moving this enchantment between them to fluidly shift between defence and attack. When empowered a soulshield so empower can turn aside even a blow from a daemon-possessed blade or a Hexwraith’s soul-cutting scythe while a strike from a stormsmite maul with the energy flowing from the Sequitor’s soul stuns the adversary’s mind into thunderstruck inactivity as it mangles and scorches their flesh. Some Sequitor-Primes that lead them carry a Redemption Cache which can drag the souls of the damned from their bodies into it. But the most powerful are the two-handed maces used by the strongest of the Sequitors. Known a Stormsmite Greatmaces have each been laid against the head of Ghal Maraz for a night and a day, inheriting some of its godly power. Its thunderous impact tear through baroque plate and chitinous mutation as if it were paper-thin while flesh is blasted into nothing more than a scattering of cinders. Despite this destructive power true purpose of these weapons is not to engage mortal foes, but to slay the otherworldly such as gheists and daemon who are blast apart and banished from the Mortal Realms forever.[6] [7]